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Ordering a pint

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

By the bar

Ordering a pint recklessly

The precious in sight.

Oh, darlin with your pretty face 

Drop a tear in my pint 

Look at my black eyes 

See what you mean to me

I was an experimenting little boy

I am a heartbroken soul

I want you to know what I think 

Don’t want you to guess anymore 

Remember the past dear

On top of a mountain

the misty landscape below

the warm little lodge and the stars above

Oh dear, remember the passionate nights 

Lodged in mundanity now

Flowing downstream

Caught in the current

What matters really in life?

Which memories will you hold dear to your heart? 

The river of memories flowing beneath

They say our ship is down

It is sinking from the face of the earth

days and nights

long ordeal ahead

I can swim with you, will you swim with me?

Let us follow the waves

as far as our strength takes us

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