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Matching People for the sake of education

The world is not as it should be. I dream of a better society in which we are devoid of our worries, fears. I believe that we are way more similar than we think we are. Only if we could be more sincere with one another, we could reach a better understanding of each other and see the startling similarities.

When people are left to themselves, the social people have a great advantage over the asocial ones when it comes to befriending people. They make friends, enlarge their circles, get to see different ways of living. The asocial guy misses this opportunity because of his own ill-founded fears, social worries. He could’ve benefitted a lot from socializing. his is not a decision of his own. He just can’t help being awkward around other people. My proposal targets these people. Not those who enjoy their own solitude.

When someone misses the social opportunities, this affects him in a couple of ways. The most obvious effect is psychological. He feels excluded, avoids sharing his ideas. If he has low self esteem; for the rest of his life he will be doomed to watch the cool people doing their cool things and he will mind his own bussiness in the sphere left from the cool-dominant people.

The second effect, I would like to stress on is academic. Although I am aware that the psychological effects are intertwined with the academic effects.

Simply put, the loner will have few people to interact. He will read, think but will be devoid of a genuine interaction of his ideas. If there is one thing that I have learnt from Socrates so far, it would be the importance of Socratic Elenchus. The dialogue form help the contesters develop their ideas. Teaches them the method of argumentation and thinking. When necessary, they learn to agree with their opponents, they learn to spot the disagreements and this leads them to reflect on the reasons behind the divergences.

The point is, the loner misses out on these opportunities. It would benefit him academically, psychologically if he could somehow set himself free of those urges that holds him back. HE NEEDS COERCION. Somehow he should be put back in the game.

I think universities can be a great place to apply this gentle coercion. The universities gather a lot of information about their students. A University knows about their student’s financial background, nationality, grades, area of interest…

Imagine that they match people according to their interests, grades periodicaly (WEEKLY!) . The university provides the venue and of course the drinks. Those that had been assigned to one another, just talk and try to get to know each other. It need not be between opposite sexes. IT is enough if those who volunteer to be put into this scheme can find like-minded souls or library mates. I am sure that this will increase the students’ wellbeing and this, in turn, will boost academic success.


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