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A Manifesto I wrote for Ethics Committee elections at King's College London

Updated: May 2, 2020

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Enjoy the fruits of multiculturalism. Enjoy anal cavity cleaner: Bidet!

I am a former member of Ethics Committee. I was actively involved in the KCLSU decision-making process. Last year I campaigned against the smoke-free policy, arguing that implementing smoking areas within the campus would be the fair option for all, however, we lost the referendum with a small margin. The will of the non-smokers prevailed!  I will not talk about any abstract values e.g. equality, diversity, justice...  They are pretty straightforward and intuitive.  However, If I am to spell out one value I hold dearly, it would be the importance of multiculturalism. Over the years, we all had to compromise and adjust ourselves to the changing social circumstances of the world. This was for the good of all. The vision of a happier, more harmonious society gave us the confidence to follow the ideals of multiculturalism  BUT  It is time, we harvest the fruits of our labour and get the awards of this long-lasting toil. Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you bidet, the hygienic option of the East. The sweet fruit of multiculturalism!  I always thought that bidets can be a more hygienic alternative to what is practised in the western world today. So why not give it a try?  If I get elected, I will campaign for the implementation of bidets within KCLSU venues. 

In case, bidet is still an alien concept to you:

Mmm immaculate   Yagiz Alp Tekin:

*** Well, I lost the election. It turns out they just want to suffer for multiculturalism instead of eating the sweet fruits...

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